The Milky Way, also known as the Silver River, is the birth of all form in our universe. It is the seed that creates the cosmos.

The Silver River Institute is a place to study the reality of cosmic mystery and the mystery of basic reality. We offer a progressive format for education that upholds the standards and structure of a formal institution, but with subjects and courses that have yet to be integrated into the formal education system, such as astrology, shiatsu, permaculture, yoga, and much more. Just as all of the elements that occur in nature are part of the integral whole of our planet, so do we consider a balance of studies that relate to these elements part of the integral whole of an education. Here, you can study art forms and sciences practiced for thousands of years and guiding humanity through many phases of transformation. These practices have remained true and unerring no matter the culture or era.

Our teachers have each devoted a lifetime of study and pursuit in their respective fields, and carry the wisdom of their lineage with their own insightful approach. They are widely recognized and respected for the education they offer, and Silver River is an opportunity to receive these diverse teachings under one umbrella.

We can look to the cosmos or we can plant a seed in the ground to see the beauty of existence unfolding before us. Come join us in the study of reality, the micro and macrocosms in parallel progression, the birth of a plant beneath the birth of a star.